Natalie Slack

My approach to therapy involves partnering with you to develop a deeper understanding of who you are and the unique way you experience the world, navigate past and present pain, and identify patterns and behaviors that you wish to adjust to make lasting changes in your life. Equally important is an exploration of what is meaningful to you and helps you feel connected to yourself and your life. By deepening your understanding of your internal world and developing a more honest and compassionate relationship with yourself, you are able to access more agency over your life and transform your relationships with others.

I have partnered with people of all ages to navigate anxiety, depression, loss, grief, life transitions, aging, substance use, and trauma, as well as family, marital, and relationship issues. Challenges like these often leave us feeling isolated from ourselves and others. I hope to help you find more connection and ease.

At the core of my approach is a desire to offer genuine connection and understanding to those I partner with, and to create a space where you feel safe to explore all parts of who you are. We will work together to unravel the past and present complexities that cause you pain, and create a path forward as you build the life you desire for yourself.

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